Book Plan of the Star of the Stars

This Handmade book is made with 110 metal Inkjet prints.
Prints by Yoichi Nagata and book cover made by Masaki Matsushita and book construction made by Makoto Uozumi.

Exhibition Plan for Star of the Stars

*The exhibition space is a labyrinth.

*The modern-day kabukimonos photographed here do not represent heretics or freaks, but they represent shamans who bring blessings and prayers to this megalopolis where spirits have long ceased to call to humans.

*The audience circulates between the portrayed people, going back and forth and finally arriving at a small room.

*In the small room a fountain is installed to represent a spring, which is the place where spirits call to humans. Beneath the fountain will be a slide show projecting over 500 Star of the Stars.

*As the audience experience mysteries in the labyrinth, they will also experience death and reincarnation of the megalopolis.


Exhibition Plan for SkyErath the Last Paradise

*The exhibition space is structured in two tiers.

*The outer walls are covered with photos of moon landscapes from Michael Light's “Full Moon”. The audience feels as if he or she is in the monochromatic scenery of the moon.

*Inside the moon landscapes, photos of the sky and sea of Tuvalu will be displayed on a layer of scaffolding or acrylic.

*The audience will simultaneously experience a colorless quiescence world and a colorful protean world.